Like a rat, I want to be beautiful

I watched a Japanese movie "Linda Linda Linda" at CMU because Japanese Student Association planed a movie festival in order to spread Japanese cultures. I watched this movie with English subtitle among American students.

This is a comedy movie about four high school girls including one Korean exchange student. They form a band for their school festival though they have only three days before the festival.

It was a typical sentimental film about the passing of youth, but awesome one. I recalled my high school life, realized I cannot go back, and had a little bit sad but warm feelings.

Also, I came up with one thing. Even though I cannot go back to the young period, I can live as I like. I can spend my whole time into what I want. Probably because I am living in a society, an organization, common sense, partly because I got older, sometimes I repress my feeling and possibility without knowing it. It would be pretty sad to go through such a life. I want to say thanks to this movie.

Anyway, before seeing this movie, I thought this kind of sentimental feeling was not working for American. However, they seemed to understand and enjoy this movie. They continuously laughed, cried and clapped during the movie. I am glad to know it only because I am Japanese. :-)

I would like to close by writing about this blog's title, "Like a rat, I want to be beautiful." This is citied from a song, "Linda Linda" by The Blue Hearts. Seeing a Japanese movie with English subtitle was the first time for me. It was very impressive.

"Like a rat, I want to be beautiful"
(Japanese: ドブネズミみたいに美しくなりたい)
"There is a beauty which cannot be shown in a picture"
(Japanese: 写真にはうつらない 美しさがありから)

->Linda Linda Linda

#Especial I like Bae Doo Na, who plays the gawky Korean exchange student!




Tama-san, Long time no see!
I'm sure you're enjoying your time in America.

I also think Wabi-Sabi, a old Japanese word which
means sentimental feelings of Japanese, is not a
special feeling for Japanese.

I believe we can make friends with everyone all
over the world, because we all are same human
beings and have same feelings.

May Love and Peace spread all over the world(^^


なんだか、英語でさっぱり分からんとです(笑。 これでも、大学の頃イギリスに留学しとったことあるとですが、英語って使わないとホントに忘れちゃうんですね(T_T)。

ネイティブの方のお話とか、とても面白かったです。あと、マッチョじゃなきゃ、海外ではダメなんですね。ふむふむ、とても勉強になります。そうそう、藤原正彦先生も「若き数学者アメリカ」などで、アメリカでの友達の作り方を書いていてましたよ~。参考になるか分かりませんが、興味あったら読んでみてね~~。 また、遊びにきま~す。