First accident - Yale soccer

Last week, I joined Yale MBA soccer tournament. I had a really good time with my team mates and other MBA students. A lot of MBA schools including Harvard, Wharton, and Chicago joined this tournament.

This was the first time for Tepper to join this tournament. Our condition was so bad. First, we went to New Haven by car. After the 8 hours driving, we arrived at hotel at 1:00am. Our game was from 9:00 the next day. Second, we had only 11 players because some student dropped out at the last moment .Those couldn't stand the pressure of homework and incoming final exams. That mean we didn't have any substitute player.

By the way, 16 teams joined the tournament. In the first day, we had a 4 team league match. If we take the first position or the second position, we can go to the final tournament. In our league, there are Colombia, University North Carolina, and Yale Medical Shool. Though most teams were MBA schools, Yale was a host, and the Yale Medical seemed to have a special slot to join the tournament.

Our first match was Yale Medical School.  We thought Yale Medical must be weak because that is a medical school. However, after the game begun, we found they were really good... Also, we heard that one player used to play as a professional soccer player... They controlled a ball for a long time, and we had to be defensive.

Then, the accident happened. When my team mate got a good ball in front of a goal, a guy charged him very severely. He injured his right ankle... We had to play only by 10 players.

To be continued...