Mini-2 started

Mini-2 started.

In mini-2, I have 5 required classes. They say that this semester is the most demanding one. I think that this is partly because the wether is getting colder. A lot of students start feeling depressed without sunshine... Anyway, this is the mini-2 schedule.

Mini2 Schedule

Let me talk about these classes briefly.

1. Presenting and Decision Making
    Although Tepper business school is famous for the quantitative nature, this is class for soft skills, following "Writing and Decision Making" class in Mini-1. We will have 6 individual and group presentation in our class to train our presentation skills. For me, this class is going to be the toughest class, even though I like a presentation in Japanese.

2. Accounting for Decision Making and Control 
   This course is about managerial uses of accounting information. This course will mainly use case-method and require us to work on some assignments by a group. Though I was not good at "Accounting" in Mini-1, I would like to try to work on this course hard.

3. Managerial Economics
    This is about Microeconomics. This course will be about demand curves, cross price demand curves, production factions, and market demand / supply curve. Every week, we have to work on the problem sets individually.

4. Finance
   Finance is the efficient allocation of resources (Equity, Bonds, Foreign Exchange and so on) across time and risk. This class also requires a group work every week.
I didn't know the difference between accounting and finance before MBA. But, I have understood the importance of financial skills in our business world.

5. Statistics and Decision Making
   This is the following course of "Probability and Decision Making" in Mini-1. We will learn Hypothesis testing, simple regression, multiple regressions, and Model Building, by using software, "Eview".

Already, I have tons of homework. Let's do it!!