Silicon Alley in Pittsburgh

My friend sent me an article about famous companies' recent investments to CMU.

"Google, Intel, Microsoft Researchers Spur Pittsburgh Startups" By Jerry Byrd

In the article, the author mentioned "Silicon Alley" in Pittsburgh.

"Craig Street, near the universities, has been dubbed Silicon Alley, says Andrew Moore, lab director for Mountain View, Calfornia-based Google. "

Recently, a lot of money has been spent into this area in order to involve talented people around Pittsburgh.

"Last year, the research corridor near Carnegie Mellon and the University of Pittsburgh attracted about $1 billion in public and private funding, twice the amount of five years ago."

Pittsburgh was called as "Steel City". However, Pittsburgh changed. Pittsburgh was far more resilient than expected.

" ``Pittsburgh was hit harder than any other American city in the change from an industrial economy to the new economy,'' says Don Smith, vice president for economic development at the Mellon Pitt Corp., a partnership coordinating research at the schools. And I think Pittsburgh accepted sooner than some other cities that it had to change, that we weren't going back.''

I am living and studying in the center of Siliocn Alley. It seems that a lot of genius are passing in front of me. I have to open my eyes and take as much opportunities as possible.